Seventh Fire

 The Seventh Fire is an exploration of modern indigenous flavours inspired by pre-colonial First Nation cultures and traditions.

Cooking for Reconciliation

Cooking for Reconciliation is a candid journey toward Truth and Reconciliation using Indigenous foods to create a better understanding of pre-colonial Indigenous culture and the impact of colonization.

Our traditional foods have the ability to nourish and cultivate awareness and compassion. That is the real heart and soul of Indigeneity. How we think and conceptualize ourselves. How we tell one another about ourselves and how we create beauty, comfort, food, art, tradition, song and storytelling. 

I do this by personally sharing my experience and inspiration through interactive cooking demonstrations, keynotes or presentations while visiting with public and post-secondary schools, culinary institutions, and First Nation communities. We cover a wide range of topics with one common theme. Reconnecting back to the land, our creator and ourselves.